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There are 3 communities AdVIEWser, TechniVIEW and VIEWruption.

Which community is for you?

Each community has been designed based on the questions and comments advisers have sent to View.

AdVIEWser is for those advisers they want to focus on the practical application of holistic estate planning.

While TechniVIEW is for advisers that want to get deep into the technical side of holistic estate planning.

Then there is VIEWruption which is for those advisers that are exploring ways to run their businesses and disrupt the incumbents.

Depending what you want to achieve, you may want to access two or all three of these communities.

You, via the View communities, have:

1. Unlimited access to a range of exclusive resources with step-by-step instructions

2. Tailored webinars focusing on knowledge (not fluff)

3. Tools and strategies that you and your team can apply immediately to grow your business

STEP 1: Choose your community

Get ongoing access to curated resources.

STEP 2: Watch, read or listen to the resources

The resources can be used immediately in your business.

STEP 3: Grow your business

Mastering the resources provides you with the frameworks for growing your business.

Choose your community

Once you have chosen your community, you can choose your membership level.


A community for non-lawyers specialising in adviser facilitated legal solutions focusing solely on processes, systems and strategies rather than technical content.


Exclusively for advisers specialising in estate planning and related areas.


For all professional service providers wanting to continue the journey of iterating their business model – including abandoning time recording.

Here is what some advisers are saying:

Why establish the View Communities?

From the founding of View, possibly more by luck than design, we have been acutely aware of the adviser journey.

Having seen first hand that the traditional professional services approach often served the owners of the business very well and all others not so well, we knew that we could either choose to be part of the solution or remain part of the problem.

History has shown that the problems faced by the big law firms are now being faced by almost all advisers. 

In a sentence, all advisers must meet the "more for less" challenge. The communities provide insight (rather than information) which means advisers can quickly get up to date and reliable guidance to keep them off risk and provide appropriate advice at the right time.

The mantra for the View Legal team is ‘for friends’. In other words to be the law firm that you would suggest your friends use. This mantra has its foundation in helping all advisers meet the challenge and is inspired by the 3Ds (with a name check to Peter Diamandis), namely:

  1. Democratising access to adviser knowledge
  2. Digitalising the delivery of legal solutions in our specialisations (namely tax, estate planning, trusts, asset protection, business succession and super)
  3. Disrupting the heritage professional service business model (aka – destroying the billable hour)

As advisers and for the adviser community (whether it be accountants, financial advisers or other lawyers), we are all experiencing the impact of the marketplace that sees knowledge and even wisdom as simply ‘tickets to the arena’. Our customers now expect us to apply our knowledge and wisdom to deliver deeply valuable insights.

Every day, VIEW strives to help advisers become the best they choose to be.

This journey and the contribution that VIEW makes is most easily explained through the three “i”s, namely:

  1. Information – VIEW delivers this through its extensive publication of books, blog posts, podcasts and ‘VIEW University’.
  2. Interpretation – delivered by VIEW via seminars (over 100 each year), webinars and our ‘Checklist Manifesto’.
  3. Insight and Inspiration – delivered through VIEW’s hosting of online mastermind communities, one-to-one mentoring and publishing partnerships.


Information and Interpretation are areas that we have delivered with passion and boring regularity since 2005.

Now VIEW is doubling down to deliver deeply on Insight and Inspiration via the View Communities. 

The Detail

Like all new technology tools, we have experienced firsthand the potentially negative aspects of social media.

This said, the extraordinary power of private Facebook communities are indisputable. 

View’s online mastermind membership communities create a framework to allow open-minded advisers the opportunity to radically improve the insight and inspiration they deliver to their customers. 

In particular, the View Communities:
  1. Allow you to choose your tribe and  surround yourself with passionate people on a similar journey.
  2. Create collaboration opportunities in a sales pitch free ecosystem.

  3. Facilitate true conversations, tailored to your needs at all times, between successful professionals wanting to make a difference.

  4. Open up networking channels that would otherwise remain unseen.

  5. Allow you to drive results and have embedded accountability in your business.

Choose your community


A community for non-lawyers specialising in adviser facilitated legal solutions focusing solely on processes, systems and strategies rather than technical content.


Exclusively for advisers specialising in estate planning and related areas.


For all professional service providers wanting to continue the journey of iterating their business model – including abandoning time recording.

Is a View Community for you?

Not for youCould be for you
You are looking for polished highly scripted content delivered periodically.You are looking for content that is raw, uncensored and delivered by way of a conversation. Every. Single. Week.
You learn only by one-way consumption of information.Learning here leverages the community – while View hosts and is ultimately responsible for being accountable to the community – it is a conversation, not a sermon.
You believe a one-to-one discussion with a lawyer is the only way to answer your questions.Community members have unlimited access to the curated content in the Adviser FAQs and blog posts, built in response to questions advisers have asked of us since 1997.
You believe AI is the single biggest threat to professional service firms.You believe AI is the single biggest opportunity to empower advisers to be delivering deeply insightful and inspirational value to their customers.
You believe there is a lump of work available and it is a competition to catch as much of that work is possible.Members of the community believe that sharing and collaboration create an infinite range of possibilities and that the lifting up of each member’s business improves all members of the community.
You believe communities – particularly online – are an excuse for not doing real work.Community members believe that real work now is not about grinding out repetitive tasks over and over again. We need to move away from the knowledge based service delivery to the insightful and inspiring delivery of value.
You believe that attending conferences is about collecting CPD points and passively listening to lecture style sermons.Community retreats are structured so that every attendee must deliver a seven minute TEDx style presentation of an important lesson that they have learnt in the previous 12 months.
You think estate planning is simply about getting a will done.Community members believe in “EAAE” – i.e. estate planning as an ecosystem whereby wills are delivered as an integrated part of also delivering superannuation, tax planning, structuring, asset protection and business succession advice.
You believe that the only way to deliver value is by reference to inputs (for example, time recording).Community members believe this model is (and indeed always was) inappropriate for both the customer and adviser.
You believe that membership-based communities are some sort of cunning plan to trick you into a perpetual license fee arrangement.Community members know it to be true that they can cancel the membership instantaneously at any moment.
You believe online communities should be free.Community members know that anything of substance that is ‘free’ either means you’re the product, or taxes you in other ways (eg perpetual sales pitches or little accountability for delivery of content). Here, there are no sales and a passionate focus on sharing high value insights.
You believe that the fact no others are offering a similar solution matters.Yes; and?
You prefer treating learning as a CapEx cost.This platform is built around ‘and’ not ‘or’ – in other words, an OpEx investment makes sense on many levels.
You do not want to use View for all of your estate planning solutions.All good – there is a complete dedication to your ongoing and absolute discretion to deliver solutions in the way that best serves your business.
You do not want to use View for other solutions.Again – all good. See above line item.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The members of the View Community are passionate advisers who believe ongoing conversations with like-minded peers are critical to success.
  • They understand that while ‘one way’ education (such as seminars, webinars and textbooks) have a role to play, real conversations with real specialists in real-time are critical.
  • They believe the View Community offers a pathway to collaboration in a way that until very recently was inconceivable.

In a word – yes.
While we have actively explored other platforms, there is a reason that Facebook has been as successful as it has been. Its ability to collaboratively have communities share in a secure and usable interface is currently unmatched. This said, we know that Facebook is not necessarily a social media platform that community members otherwise choose to utilise and there is no need or expectation for community members to be otherwise active on Facebook in order to derive full value from the community.

Absolutely, as soon as you feel you are no longer getting value. The processing of exit is done at the end of the month you choose to exit. This platform is not an elaborate tool like some heritage solutions to get you locked into a process that is tricky to extract yourself from.

Our only request – that you can choose to ignore – is that you share with us why you were not getting the value desired.

For many, a key contribution that you can make is being an active member of the community – turning up and engaging where you think you can add value. At a minimum, you will need to be an active listener in the conversation that takes place and commit to apply the learnings from the weekly and monthly sharing that View leads in the community.

In a Resources sense, you will need reliable Internet access and an active Facebook account. Other than that however, the value you derive will largely depend on your attitude and commitment.

Fantastic – if they are otherwise the right fit, we would love to welcome them. In terms of the pricing, please contact us here and we will work out an arrangement that is fair for all.

Immediately. As soon as you join the community, this will trigger a series of emails that give you everything that you need.

The community is not for everyone. This said, we have created three service levels to allow a significant level of control over your investment at all times. You can also cancel your membership at any time.

At all service levels, the membership pricing is designed to deliver exponential value to you, and in turn, the value you can deliver to your customers. This said, only you can determine how to prioritise your investment expenditure.


To this end, View would welcome the opportunity to assist you outside the community environment through our array of resources ranging from weekly blogs, seminars, webinars, and books through to online education courses, podcasts and our Checklist Manifesto.

Yes. Contact us and we can share contact details for existing members. Or – simply join for a month and cancel membership as soon as you feel value equation does not work for you.

The power of the community is ultimately the flexibility and fluid approach to content shared. The core areas for each of the 3 communities are as follows – these are always subject to the feedback and contributions from community members as part of a continuing and evolving conversation.

  • Techniview: estate planning, succession planning, trusts, tax, structuring, asset protection, super, powers of attorney, business succession, post death testamentary trusts, estate administration and probate.
  • Viewruption: disruptive innovation, ultra-specialisation, the ‘3 P’s’ (process, product and pricing), outsourcing models, productization, AI and machine learning, pricing models, burning the timesheet in practice, case study examples of building ‘The Firm of the Future Now’.
  • Adviewser: facilitation models, pricing and positioning, managing risk, having conversations that matter, war stories that resonate, building processes and systems that scale.

While many ‘one way’ education programs – the community has all the conversations stored indefinitely.
There is no minimum contact time mandated. There are similarly no mandating of the way in which you are involved.
This inherent flexibility should allow you to invest to whatever level makes sense from time to time while still delivering the value you deserve from your investment.

Even when lawyers (including lawyers from View) are contributing to the community, no legal advice is being provided.
This is because legal advice always must turn on the exact factual matrix of a particular situation with direct engagement between the lawyer engaged and the underlying customer.


There are a multitude of ways for members to get legal advice as and when they need it – ultimately, the mastermind community is about asking the right questions as opposed to locking in on any particular answers.

Currently, the monthly arrangement is the only alternative offered. This is at least partly to ensure that members wishing to exit the community can do so with minimal friction. It does however remain on our wish list of future iterations to consider implementing other approaches.

Absolutely – only members of the community can access the discussion threads and content.
Similarly, only members of the community know who other members are.

There are three communities hosted by View, namely:

  1. Techniview
  2. Adviewser
  3. Viewruption

If you would like to be a member of more than one platform, please contact us and we will agree a pricing approach that is fair for all.

  • In a post-royal commission world, it has become clear to View that its adviser facilitated platform only provides value where advisers truly ‘get’ estate planning.
  • The accreditation approach helps ensure that View is only working with specialist advisers committed to delivering great value to the customers via the facilitated estate planning platform.
  • Accreditation also helps build the skills of all advisers in the community by ensuring that each adviser has ‘skin in the game’.

See also the FAQ for ‘Why do I have to join the adVIEWser community in a category other than free?

In a word, yes.

In saying this, you may be able to skip sitting the entry exam.

Simply email us at [email protected] with your request.

The AdVIEWser community is designed to help all advisers be on a pathway of continuous improvement in the estate planning space.

Behavioural economics confirms that the relatively small monthly financial commitment, in comparison to the value offered at each service level, will help all advisers commit to the community. With only committed advisers in the community, the quality of interaction and knowledge sharing should continue to improve, for the benefit of all advisers and in turn customers.

See also the FAQ ‘What do I need to contribute?‘.

Unless a special exemption is granted, each adviser must pass the accreditation exam with a zero error rate.

See also the FAQ titled ‘I’m a regular and long-standing adviser with View – do I really need to be accredited?‘.

In addition to the features set out in each category of the AdVIEWser community, the benefits of accreditation include:

  1. membership of a closed community of advisers passionate about delivering adviser facilitated estate planning solutions for their customers;
  2. ongoing regular adviser centric continuing education;
  3. ongoing discussion and knowledge sharing with like-minded advisers.

As an accredited adviser with View’s facilitated estate planning platform, your customers will be assured of the level of commitment and specialisation you have in providing value in the estate planning space.

  • Yes, View does understand this and will respect and accept your decision and proceed to close access to the resources and your account.
  • Non-accredited advisers wanting View to assist with estate planning can still lodge free review submissions.
  • View can assist in these instances in a more traditional way of providing a suggested scope of work and upfront service guaranteed fixed pricing without the referring adviser facilitating the process.

Each adviser who is submitting instructions on behalf of a customer must use their own accreditation number.

Where an adviser has another team member submitting instructions, that team member may use the accreditation number of the adviser that they are working with, without themselves being accredited.

Choose your Community


A community for non-lawyers specialising in adviser facilitated legal solutions focusing solely on processes, systems and strategies rather than technical content.


Exclusively for advisers specialising in estate planning and related areas.


For all professional service providers wanting to continue the journey of iterating their business model – including abandoning time recording.