View Facilitated Estate Planning


Holistic Estate Planning faciliated by View for your customers

Integrating estate planning into your practice made simple with these steps:

STEP 1: Identify customer need

Identify the need for a customer to have View advise and facilitate in relation to their estate planning

STEP 2: Choose your level of involvement

Decide how involved your business wants to be in the process

STEP 3: Collect your payment

Within 30 days of the customer making full payment to View, View will confirm the amount of your referral fee with you and request a tax invoice.  That referral fee will then be credited to your nominated account once the tax invoice has been received

STEP 1 – Identify your customer need

View’s Adviser Facilitated Estate Planning Platform is built around you as the adviser facilitating the process. 

For advisers wanting an alternate model , View can facilitate implementation of your customers’ estate plans with the  agreement of your customer. 

View Legal offers a solution which frees up your time, while protecting the customer relationship for your business.

STEP 2 – Choose your level of involvement

Once the referral is received you choose your level of involvement

The referring adviser need not do anything else, other than make the referral, however some advisers choose to do one or more of the following:

  • attend meetings between their customer and View;
  • receive copies of all documents;
  • offer feedback or advice in relation to issues they identify;
  • ensure the signed documentation is reviewed regularly.

STEP 3 – Collect your payment

In return for identifying the need for a referrer’s customer to have View advise in relation to their estate planning, the adviser is paid a referral fee, if View agrees to work with the customer in this manner.

Within 30 days of the customer making full payment to View, View will confirm the amount of your referral fee with you and request a tax invoice.  On receipt of the tax invoice, your referral fee will be paid to your nominated account.

If a separate scope (regardless of the Price paid to View) is provided, the maximum referral fee payable to a referring adviser is 10% of the Concierge service level for the ‘multiple testamentary trusts (couple) package’.  In these more complex situations, we recommend the adviser consider separately charging a facilitation or project management fee to ensure their revenue is not capped by View’s pricing model.

Why View's Faciliated Estate Planning is for you

Not for you Could be for you
You want to keep up to date with all case law and legislation changes without specialist support and keep your precedents up to date. You realise that there is only so much you can do and making referrals to specialists firms, such as View, to support you in holistic estate planning  means that you will have more time to look after your customers.
You believe that you know what you need to know and don’t need to improve what you do in your business. You believe that continuous improvement is essential to the ongoing health of you and your business.
You are relaxed that when it becomes ‘all about the tech’, the legal niceties often become someone else’s problem. You are concerned that while tech should always be an enabler, it should not be used to enable the prospect of class actions against your firm due to underlying errors in the templates caused by deficient technology builds.
You want to work long hours, hire additional team members and create all documents from your archive of precedents. You know that being busy is not equivalent to being productive and you want to find a better way to improve the way you do business and how you approach your workflows.
You believe that post the Royal Commission it is best for advisers to avoid areas such as estate planning. You know that in a post Royal Commission environment, compliance with such fundamental principles as the ‘know your client’ rule under the Corporations Act is mandatory. Regularly reviewing a customer’s estate plan and making referrals to specialist firms, such as View, is arguably the single most important aspect of addressing this compliance issue.
All you care about is the price point. While the pricing must be fair, you are also interested to ensure you get value, quality, service and shifting of legal and completion risks to View Legal; not you and your firm.
You believe reviewing an estate plan is an expensive process – both in terms of time and funds expended. You know that by using technology as an enabler and working collaboratively with View (whose entire focus is helping advisers deliver estate planning to their customers) you can create a time effective and high value solution, while also monetising referrals.
You can do all aspects of estate planning inhouse (eg by using template document providers) because you have insurance protection to provide legal documents, templates and advice, even though you are not a lawyer. You are concerned that essentially all legal template providers conveniently ignore the fact that you are carrying an uninsurable risk and potentially breaching professional standards by using their platforms to create legal documents and advice.

Frequently Asked Questions

To date View has not offered a solution where you, as the trusted adviser, can step back from facilitating the process to ensure that you can spend more time doing what you do best in your business.

That is, concentrating on your area of expertise. Based on feedback from a number of advisers and accountants and lawyers a valuable solution that takes the facilitation away from the process and allows customers to contact View directly has been developed.

Specialisation of a practice area in any business is essential to assist with providing customers with the best outcome for their circumstances. In your business it is likely that you have key areas of specialisation.

The estate planning needs of your customers is also highly specialised.

View specialises exclusively in holistic Estate Planning while your local firm is unlikely to. With continuous changes in all aspects of the law it can be easy to miss key issues and therefore undermine a customer’s intentions. View can work collaboratively with your local firm as well.

As you will be receiving a referral fee, you may decide not to charge your customer anything further, unless additional work is required of you.

Further you may find benefit in joining the VIEWruption community which focuses on questions around pricing, business models and how to position customers for the value you are offering.

Other than making the referral, there is no further involvement, unless you choose otherwise.

Essentially, you receive 10% (GST inclusive) of the package selected.

Full details are provided in this FAQ.

This checklist provides context for the most appropriate service level for the customer. Full details are provided here as to the pricing for those service levels.

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