$55 / Month
Weekly actionable tips curated by the View team.
A further, written, blog post.
A Facebook live Vidcast unbundling that week’s blog post.
A monthly Facebook live Q&A session that ‘deep dives’ into key issues raised in the group over the previous four weeks.
Access to the recording of the Facebook live and a transcript of the session.
Helpful and regular contributions from leading members of the View team into the Facebook discussion thread.
Additional special bonus offers available exclusively to community members.
$85 / Month
All Friend features +
Guaranteed early bird rates for all View seminars right up until the date of each event.
Access to a minimum of 5 hours of CPD accredited webinars each year.
Unlimited access to a specially curated library of View e-books with over 25,000 words of technical content.
$220 / Month
All BFF features +
Guaranteed access (for no additional cost) to every View branded seminar, roadshow and half day workshop.
Unlimited access to View's historical webinar library (this currently includes over 25 hours of CPD accredited webinars).
3×1 hour one-on-one Zoom personal catch up sessions each year.
A recording and transcript of each mentoring session.